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Join Mallory Dwinal for a panel discussion on education and a new training program created by the Bay Area leaders.


Right now, students in 69 million classrooms around the world are waiting for a teacher that will never arrive. The magnitude of our global teacher shortage crisis poses one of the greatest barriers to education reform; resolving this crisis will require bold innovation and collaboration across the public, private, and governmental sectors.

In this panel, you will meet just such a group of Bay Area education leaders who are working to create a new kind of teacher training program to fill teacher shortages in their own backyard and in communities around the globe.

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Confirmed panellists:


Melinda Day - Professor at Cañada College helping us to develop a new kind of teacher pipeline to fill teacher shortages around Silicon Valley;

Hector Camacho - Board President-Elect of the county Office of Education in which we work, helping to lead our teacher training initiative.

Irene St. Roseman - My co-founder at Oxford Day Academy, and our Head of School

Marcello Magaña - One of our apprentice teachers

Remi Sobomehim - Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club in our city, one of our school's biggest community partners

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